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Our Leadership

The Calgary Jewish Family Loan Association (CJFLA) is governed by a Board of Directors. Directors are elected at the AGM held each September. Any member in good standing may run for a Board position. Any member in good standing may vote at the AGM. Please see the bylaws and policies for more information.


Executive Board members

Jessica Miller Switzer- President

Jennifer Brodsky - Vice President

Beverley Sheckter- Treasurer

Paula Egelnick - Secretary


Jaclyn Finestone & Linda Rotstein - Membership

Beverley Sheckter & Jennifer Brodsky - Loans

Board of Directors

Bill Aizanman

Annie Brodsky

David Brodsky

Jennifer Brodsky

Paula Egelnick

Jaclyn Finestone

Renee Fogel

Ora Major

Joseph Oppenheim

Kimberly Nagan

Saul Prince

Linda Rotstein


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